13 March 2024

By Angela Darar

Last Friday was International Women’s Day, followed by Mother’s Day on Sunday. It’s a perfect moment to reflect on the many roles we juggle, particularly as working mothers. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like there’s this huge pressure to act like we’ve got it all sorted? Like we’re supposed to be these superwomen who can manage work and family life without breaking a sweat.

We’ve all heard the saying — “Work like you don’t have kids and be a mum like you don’t work.” Honestly, trying to keep up with that can be really tough.

I read this article the other day that hit home. It talked about how tricky it is to balance being a working mum. I’ve felt it, and I know loads of you have too. It’s like walking a tightrope sometimes, trying to be there for your kids while also smashing it at work.

And yes, dads get the guilt too, but let’s be honest, it’s a bit different for mums. Even nowadays, with all our modern ideas, people still kind of expect mums to take the lead at home. It’s a bit old-fashioned, but that’s how it is for a lot of us.

So, here’s a thought. What if we tried to see this whole balancing act not as something stressful, but as something pretty amazing that we’re doing? I mean, managing a job and a family? That’s superhero stuff, even without the cape.

This is our month, so let’s give ourselves a pat on the back. To all the working mums out there, you’re doing an incredible job. And to everyone else who’s supporting these fantastic women, whether by helping out at home or just being there to cheer them on, you’re awesome too.

Let’s use this day to remind ourselves that it’s totally fine not to have everything perfectly balanced all the time. What matters is that we’re there for each other, sharing our stories, the ups and the downs, and just trying our best.

So, here’s to us, the not-so-superwomen who are doing just fine. Your strength, love, and hard work make the world go round. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating you.

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