It’s so powerful because the next time we all meet, the team can positively say 'look at all the changes that happened as a result of our Team Day'.

Who’s it for?

My clients team. Our REACH Team Days are brilliant for making sure everyone is aligned to achieving the goals of the business. We notice so much more momentum and consistency when everyone is on the bus.

What’s it about?

I encourage all my clients to bring their people along to one of my REACH Refresh Days. That’s because I’m keen for their teams to become more in tune with what we’re doing to move the business forwards. It’s so important for the team to be on the same wavelength as the business owner. For some clients though, getting their team to a Refresh Day isn’t always possible. That’s why the REACH Team Days work so well.

Why it’s good for me to meet your team

At a REACH Team Training Day, we get everybody aligned and pointing in the right direction. Instead of the business owner delivering the message and sentiment, I’m the one delivering it – it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth, which means there’s less chance of the team 'going off piste'. That’s why it works.

Encouraging your team to take ownership

Together, we’ll look at how specific areas of the business can be improved. We might, for example, look at how we can improve customer services. It’s showing the team that their boss is serious about involving them, listening and acting on their feedback. We have engaging brainstorming sessions where concrete actions are captured. What we do then, is nominate a working group of around three to four people who are going to be given an hour or so a week to take ownership, and work on those actions.

What our clients say

Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

Everything I do is bound by my solid gold guarantees. Regardless of which programme we work on, if you do what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, you will get a return on investment guaranteed. If not, then I will refund you the difference. Yes, I am guaranteeing your investment.

Enrich Your Business

Never, ever, underestimate the power of Coaching.