10 July 2024

With schools winding down for the summer and students eagerly awaiting their report cards, it got me thinking—what if our businesses received a report card too? What would yours say? “Could try harder,” perhaps? “Gets easily distracted”? Or even, “Not achieving their full potential”?

A recent survey revealed that half of Chief Executives and Managing Directors are not satisfied at work. Reflecting on this, it’s clear how external pressures can mirror the tumultuous nature of running a business. Just as the UK has gone through changes in Government then perhaps your business might also be poised for transformation.

When I look back at my journey with REACH, I recall the early days when our ‘business report card’ might not have had all A’s. Like many of you, we had our share of “needs improvement” comments. But each year, with determination and focus, we’ve turned those into strengths—something we deeply cherish and strive to help others achieve.

So, as the academic year ends and a new political landscape emergin, let’s ask ourselves: Are we merely participating in our business, or are we committed to nurturing and growing it? If your business report card isn’t quite what you hoped for, remember, the new school term is just around the corner in September and it’s never too late to aim for those high marks. Add it to your “Back to school” list to get booked into one of our workshops! 

If you’re finding it challenging to pinpoint where to start or feel overwhelmed by the noise of the outside world, remember, focusing on what you can change is the first step towards significant improvement. REACH is here to help guide you in that journey. If you feel like you need to rethink your strategies, let’s arrange a chat. Sometimes, just sharing your thoughts with someone can spark the beginning of a great transformation.

Here’s to giving our businesses the summer of growth they deserve, equipped with the lessons we’ve learned and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Together, let’s strive for a report card next year that we can all be proud of, filled with top marks for innovation, commitment, and growth.

Below are a couple of pictures of our daughters from their early school days. They have now justfinished their A Levels and GCSE’s. How time flies!

Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

Everything I do is bound by my solid gold guarantees. Regardless of which programme we work on, if you do what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, you will get a return on investment guaranteed. If not, then I will refund you the difference. Yes, I am guaranteeing your investment.

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