02 June 2021

The very things that define your business will keep you from getting lost along the way

Each business has its own journey. The strategies, the struggles, the minor setbacks and the simple successes, what your customers mean to your business and what your business means to your customers — these are the things that a business gains during that journey, and altogether they define the essence of that business.

But sometimes, business owners lose control of that essence. Sometimes, we become obsessed with other things that we forget all those things that made our business what it is in the first place. And when that happens, it’s almost inevitable that a business will stop growing. Much like a person who no longer knows who he or she is, a business also needs to stay true to its essence.

Your business has a DNA

A person’s DNA is a framework of where that person comes from and what qualities and traits he or she is most likely to possess. Businesses have that same framework — its essence — the thing that makes a business unique.

Why is it important to know what your business DNA is?

That identity, that uniqueness is your most powerful business weapon. It encapsulates everything that is special between your business and your customers, and losing sight of that is obviously not going to help you achieve your goals. It’s like a painter losing his or her unique imprint, or a musician losing his melodic touch.

Define your USP and stick to it

When you feel like you’ve really lost your way and you have no idea how to move forward because you’ve forgotten the essence of your business, you can still bounce back. Start with identifying your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.

Your USP should be the thing that distinguishes you from you competitors. It should be clear enough to provide more value for money so that it motivates your potential customers to support your products or services.

There’s no shame in not exactly knowing what your USP is. It’s actually a good exercise to ask your customers why they love your business. Identify specific aspects of your business that convinced them to pick you over other businesses. Gain insight from their answers and make sure to give utmost value and priority to their answers.

Your essence prevents you from being out of touch

As a business owner, it’s your mission to clearly define the essence of your business and communicate it to your team. You really can’t expect them to be on the same boat in terms of effort if they don’t also know what your business is all about.

I’ve even worked with business owners who thought all along they know what their business DNA is, but along the way they end up chasing other goals and so many other small goals in between. Having other goals is a good thing, but completely shifting away from your true essence not only hampers success but also confuses and stresses out your team because their efforts are scattered around. In the end, you’ll only become more frustrated because you aren’t getting what you originally planned to achieve.Define the essence of your business and protect it at all costs.

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