07 December 2022

We all are guilty of it, and we need to stop it before it’s too late


Before the dawn of social media, we all lived private lives and it was a sacred thing. We hardly saw what went on in other people’s lives, even with our closest friends. Today, we get an update from every little event that happens not just in the lives of people we know, but also in those who are practically strangers to us.

That’s the impact of social media. These platforms have given people the stage to show off the best things about their lives, which is in and of itself not a terrible thing. But what that does is that it makes it harder and harder for us to avoid comparing ourselves to others. Whenever we see stories of success, we become too hard on ourselves because we don’t have what they have, and we equate that to failure.

If we keep measuring our own progress based on what we see on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram timelines, we just end up making ourselves feel that we’re getting nowhere. And with that kind of mindset, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We need to run the race at our own pace

Business owners need to understand that everyone’s got a different journey and destination. The motivation behind putting up a business in the first place, the goals you set out to achieve, and the approach you take in achieving them, they’re all different from person to person, so there’s no point in making direct comparisons.

You could say that it’s okay to look at other people’s stories if you’re looking for something to inspire you or perhaps as a guide in creating your own journey, but if it instead demotivates you and gives you feelings of despair, then it’s obviously not very healthy.

There’s a struggle behind each success story

Very often, when a business rises to the top, we tend to only see its glory and magnificence, but we rarely give attention to what actually happens behind the curtains. We don’t see the multiple failures and the darker times that business had to go through to be where they are today. And because we only see the good side, we envy them and we ask ourselves why can’t our business be like theirs. It’s like when we see a swan gliding gracefully along the water, but under the water, that swan’s legs are going ten to the dozen just to keep itself afloat.

And because you have no idea about the path that they took to experience that win, you can’t make comparisons. It’s not an apples-to-apples situation.

The only measure that matters is your own progress

As a business owner, the goal should always be about growth and challenging yourself. It should all be about progress against the goals you set for yourself — not progress against others.

It all boils down to mindset. Be confident in yourself and your ability to grow your business and realise that there’s more than enough opportunity to reach your personal and business whys, as long as you play your cards right. Stop comparing and make sure that your energy is spent on positive things. You’re just doing fine.

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Guaranteed Investment

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