05 March 2024

In Business Coaching, mastering the art of time management emerges as a key element for attaining success. It’s a principle I instill in all my clients, ranking it just below Mindset. The direct link between proficient time management and achieving one’s goals is undeniable, a theme recurrently explored in various discussions and resources I’ve shared. However, despite the wealth of tools and strategies at our disposal, a common sentiment echoes among many of my clients: “I didn’t have enough time.”

The illusion of scarcity

Saying “I didn’t have enough time” sheds light on more than just a struggle with managing time; it unveils a deeper issue with prioritisation. The reality I often present in response is that there indeed is more than enough time. This standpoint, however, can upset among those who feel they’ve maximised every minute to its fullest, only to find their efforts falling short. My intention is not to belittle the challenges of managing a myriad of responsibilities but to redirect the focus towards how we choose to utilise our time.

Prioritisation over time

At the heart of this dilemma is the realisation that when we say we didn’t have enough time, we’re essentially saying we chose to prioritise something else. This acknowledgment can be upsetting, especially for those convinced they allocated every second to urgent tasks. Yet, by questioning whether they managed to find time to eat during a hectic schedule, I simply aim to demonstrate that we always make time for the essentials. This analogy, albeit extreme, is meant to highlight that time itself is not the constraint but rather our allocation of it.

A mindset shift

Embracing the mindset that there is more than enough time requires a conscious effort to stop making excuses and to start making choices. It’s about recognising that our perceived shortage of time often hides deeper issues of prioritisation and commitment. By accepting that we have the power to choose our crucial tasks, we can begin to take command of our time and, consequently, our success.

The realisation that we possess more than enough time is empowering. It compels us to study our priorities and make conscious decisions about how we spend each day. This shift in mindset is not about negating the realities of our busy lives but about acknowledging the control we have over our day through the decisions we make regarding our time.

The idea that we lack sufficient time is a self-imposed barrier that limits our potential. By challenging this mindset and adopting the belief that there is, indeed, enough time, we open ourselves up to endless possibilities. This transformation not only boosts our productivity but also our overall well-being, allowing us to concentrate on what matters. Let’s throw away the excuses and embrace the abundance of time at our disposal, making thoughtful choices to prioritise tasks that resonate with our goals and values. Remember, how we choose to utilise our time is perhaps the most important indicator of our priorities and ambitions.

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Guaranteed Investment

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