24 March 2021

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Businesses are often a hit or a miss and I can list down hundreds of factors that determine failure or success. But more often than not, the biggest reason why a business is not taking off is that it doesn’t really know what its true purpose is. They’re not aware or it’s not clear to them why they’re doing the things that they do.

I always talk about the importance of one’s personal and business “why”. This is about the latter — the business why. It’s one of the fundamental aspects that one must master before growing a business. You can utilise all the business strategies in all the books you can find, but you will never get the results you want if you don’t know why you do it.

Why is it important to establish that “why we do it” aspect of your business? It has something to do with how you package and present your business to your potential customers. A business that is perceived to have a clear goal and direction is much more appealing than a business that’s trying to impress everybody without really accomplishing something.

When you know it, you can articulate it

It’s crucial for a business owner to gain clarity on why he does what he does because that’s the only way he can send a clear and effective marketing message to his target market. When you’re fully aware of what exactly your business is trying to achieve, then it’s extremely easier for your marketing and sales people to articulate that in all of your channels, whether it’s content on your website, the ads you put out, or the online reputation that you’re cultivating. When you look at successful enterprises like Apple or Google, you’ll notice that for every line of business that they have, there’s always a clear objective that they’re shooting for. And that’s what motivates people to support them.

Your own team needs to know your business “why”, too

Once your business “why” is crystal clear, it’s not only your potential customers who need to know what it is. You also need to effectively communicate that information to your internal people. That includes your team, your shareholders, and even your suppliers. For them to perform well and to have that same drive and commitment as you do, they need to be on the same page. That’s why it’s vital that they’re aware of the forces that drive you to run your business the way you do, and that results to a more harmonious relationship.

Establish it as soon as possible

Every second that you spend strategising and executing without a clear definition of your business “why” is just a waste of energy. You need to take some time and have a think about it. Think about your values and look back at what the reason was for you starting your business. You can always ask your team, your customers, or any person who knows you personally or has seen you work on your business from the very beginning.

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