17 March 2021

Time to dispel the myth that hoping things will get better is enough

If there’s something I’ve learned from all my years of Coaching, it’s the idea that nothing ever works out just the way you want it. That’s the reason why most business people just rely on “hope”. But the problem with hope is that it’s essentially an excuse.

When you hope for something to happen, you leave the fate of something to chance. It’s like saying that you have no control over what the outcome will be, and all you can do is hope that everything will turn out fine. It’s a destructive mindset that cripples your determination to really work hard towards achieving your goals.

Don’t get me wrong; hope is something we all should have. There’s no reason for you not to hope for the best. But don’t make it your strategy, because it isn’t.

A strategy requires action

If you’re running a business and you want a strategy that work, then that winning strategy must entail action. To take action means to go through all of the necessary steps, such as planning, researching, executing, instead of just doing one thing and then hoping everything else will fall into place.

When we do all of those things, when we have the right behavior and the proper routines, then we no longer just “hope” to be successful; we now assume that we will be, and that’s because we’ve taken steps to make it happen. For instance, if you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a busy week, you don’t just “hope” to be productive; instead, you embrace it. When you train your team and give them all the support they need, you don’t just “hope” for them to perform beyond expectations, because you already know they will.

The difference between hope and faith

Faith is a good thing. In fact, you won’t anywhere if you don’t have faith in yourself, your team, and your business. You need to have that sense of confidence and trust that you have all the tools to obtain the results you want.

But having faith is entirely different from hoping. Faith is a strong motivation for us to take action, whereas merely hoping removes responsibility and accountability. Hope can be used as an excuse for not taking action at all.

Hope and failure

When you lose in tennis match, you don’t just “hope” to have a better game next time, you work hard on improving yourself by practicing and maybe changing the way you approach the game.

Unfortunately, a lot of people still cling to hope when things don’t go as expected, which is the worst thing you can do. Failures should teach us to create opportunities for improvement. If we work hard to get on the front foot and really chase your objectives, then there’s no more room for just “hope”, because you already have a winning mentality.

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