27 February 2024

By Angela Darar

Just last month, while strolling down the bustling Oxford Street in London, I faced every modern person’s nightmare — my phone, an extension of myself, was swiped from my pocket. Panic ensued, as you can imagine. But amidst the chaos, a valuable lesson surfaced: the importance of asking for help.

During that overwhelming, heart-stopping moment, I was fortunate to have experienced the kindness of strangers and the assistance of nearby shops, making the situation somewhat bearable. In the phone-less days that followed, I also rediscovered the beauty of direct communication as well as the terrifying reliance we place on our digital tools.

This got me thinking about our journeys as business owners. Do we, amidst the pride and the hustle, remember to ask for help? Business, much like life, can be a lonely road, filled with challenges that sometimes seem impossible to tackle on your own. Yet, many of us hesitate to admit our vulnerabilities or seek assistance.

Asking for help is a strength

This personal mishap led me to reflect on a broader, more significant insight related to my professional life. In business, much like during my ordeal in London, the willingness to ask for help is not a sign of weakness but of strength. It’s about recognising when you’re out of your depth and having the humility to seek support.

We’ve worked with clients who, despite initial hesitations, have seen remarkable transformations in their businesses by simply asking for help. One of our most successful clients grew his business from £250,000 to over £10 million in turnover. His secret? A relentless pursuit of growth, underpinned by a readiness to ask for help and learn from others.

The essence of Coaching

This journey underscores the essence of what we do at REACH. Coaching is about providing that support system, offering a mix of encouragement and expertise to navigate the complexities of business. It’s about having someone in your corner, whether you need a strategic nudge or a comprehensive overhaul of your business approach.

Losing my phone in London was an unsettling experience, but it taught me an invaluable lesson about the power of asking for help. It’s a principle that holds true in all facets of life, especially in business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about the next step for your business, remember, help is just a call away.

Behold, one of the last shots my phone captured before it was whisked away into the hands of a new, uninvited owner!

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Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

Everything I do is bound by my solid gold guarantees. Regardless of which programme we work on, if you do what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, you will get a return on investment guaranteed. If not, then I will refund you the difference. Yes, I am guaranteeing your investment.

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