05 October 2022

Why you need to stop chasing the next exciting thing

One of the mistakes that we make, especially in business when we’re going through tough times, is that we try to do everything at once. But here’s the truth: when you try to do everything, you do none of them properly.

It’s very counterintuitive because when all those fires are burning, we always feel the urgency to put them all out. If you do this, you are destined to be going ‘round in circles. You will always be chasing your tail. You will always be frustrated.

Focusing on one thing will give you the ability to move forwards rather than continually having to put out fires.

Here’s how you can overcome Shiny Object Syndrome:

Take a good hard look at your goals

For people that are easily distracted by shiny objects, one good strategy is to set better, measurable goals. We chase new and exciting things when we do not have clarity on what we want to achieve and when we want to achieve these goals. Because of this lack of focus and direction, distractions are created and leads to us chasing shiny objects.

Take a moment to get clear on what you want to achieve in your business and what specific results you want to see.

Learn to say “no” more often

If you want to help yourself stop chasing shiny objects, you need to set better boundaries around your time and energy. Saying yes to every task that comes your way will only lead you to chase bright shiny objects and live in a constant state of feeling drowned. It is easier to say no to shiny objects if you have clearly set boundaries around your time. Whenever you feel like a new opportunity will not help you reach your goals faster, say no.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Shiny Object Syndrome is a cousin of Comparison Syndrome. By always comparing yourself to others, you can feel like a failure even if you’ve done quite well. Another condition, Imposter Syndrome, can also cause you to feel stuck and therefore force you to start chasing new and exciting things because other people have had success with them.

Do NOT waste time and energy looking at what other people are doing.

Be confident about your achievements and have a clear plan to follow, so you can stop comparing and be more grateful and proud.

You must become good at one thing

Once you’ve mastered that thing, whatever that thing may be, document it, systemise it, train it out to somebody else and never stop looking for 1% improvements in that, and then move on to the next thing.

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Guaranteed Investment

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