19 July 2016

In business, constant tweaking and fiddling with things may sometimes do more harm than good

In previous blog posts, we talked about Destination Mastery and determining your own personal ‘why’ that will give you clarity in terms of business objectives. We’ve learned that once you define what your personal ‘why’ is, it will help you in coming up with the specific steps to achieve it.

But here’s the thing: once that vision has been established, it should then act as the guiding principle of everything that the business is about. It should create a clear path to bring together all ideas and actions into one, giant collective effort. As a business owner, you’re not supposed to keep on tinkering with the overall strategy, especially when everything has already been schemed and organized.

You see, the problem with constantly experimenting with too many ideas and game plans at once is that it might lead to misalignment of efforts. Frequent adjustments lead to an endless change of direction, which may cause to some course of actions to never get executed.

Yes, business owners should always come up with great ideas and propositions, but there must be a process that allows everybody to select the best ideas from the leader and try out those ideas without sidetracking normal business operations from the core objectives — your personal ‘why’.

Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for your business to take off.

If you keep tinkering with your overall strategy, you’ll end up having ‘mini-goals’ along the way, which in turn may absorb all the attention and effort. When that ‘mini-goal’ is achieved, then comes talk of another ‘mini-goal’. Then comes a new threat from the competition or a new business opportunity. Your manpower may become scattered in allocating resources for different objectives. Some of them will think that the original plan has already been changed, so their mindset also changes.

It’s like having people in the same boat but each one is paddling toward a different direction. By the time you realize the disconnect, it would be too late and too resource-consuming to realign everyone.

Sometimes, you can’t blame business owners for making abrupt and drastic changes along the way, especially when they’re not getting the results they wanted. Some of these ‘big moves’ even lead to the best of outcomes, but it only works if business owners make sure that they’re keeping everyone abreast of what’s going on.

If there’s really a need for a restructuring of goals, then it’s the business owner’s job to make it a smooth transition. That’s where I can help. As a business coach, I can help leaders see the current situation in a different perspective so they could make better and strategic decisions.

Methodical processes such as business planning sessions and monthly evaluations, coupled with transparency and communication throughout the entire business, can help a great deal in keeping the company afloat. Keep everything organized and minimize constant tweaking. Don’t be a Tinker Bell.

Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

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