27 October 2021

How bad do you want to achieve your business goals?

A lot of successful business people will tell you one thing: to have that burning desire to get what you want and to never give up on your dreams. You can consider yourself very lucky if you didn’t do one bit and everything still fell into place.

I always tell my clients that desire is what fuels someone to achieve something. Some people say it’s about having the proper ability. Some say it’s all about luck. While these things can definitely facilitate the journey towards success, it isn’t going to work if you don’t have that desire. And you see, desire comes in many shapes and forms.

Willingness to invest time and energy in the right things

The most common illness that business owners suffer from is the lack of desire to stay disciplined with their time and energy. A lot of times, they tend to focus on the wrong things. Getting the most out of your precious time and energy requires a certain level of determination to change the way you look at and respond to things. One key area is how to prioritise — knowing the difference between important and urgent. Achieving this requires the desire to master your time in order to increase productivity and growth.

Believing in your own strategy and taking certain risks

Some business owners avoid research and strategy because they aren’t sure what to do. They become afraid of committing to a strategy because they’re worried that they will fail, and so instead, they just “wing it”.

Putting your business, brand, and product out there without a firm understanding of statistics, analytics and other data that will help you to effectively advance your market are like driving through unfamiliar territory without a map. You need to have the desire to stick to a certain strategy and accept the consequences that come with it.

Being accountable and handling failure with grace

When things don’t go as you have planned, what is your first reaction? Is it to refocus and figure out what went wrong? Or is it to blame someone or something else for the failure?

More often than not, success is the direct result of the desire to fix or correct past failures and missed opportunities. How do you expect to get the results you want if, instead of working on a solution and finding ways to improve, you resort to playing the blame game?

Allowing yourself to grow as a leader and to actually know how it’s done

Sometimes, sheer arrogance gets in the way of opening yourself up to new opportunities to be successful in business. A lot of managers think that because they’ve had a certain level of experience, they don’t need any help.

There’s a lot of insight and knowledge about the business that can only be effectively learned through gaining a different perspective. Sometimes, when you’re too immersed in something, you miss the chance to see the bigger picture, and thus you find it hard to make decisions and work your way out of occasional struggles. You need to have the desire to know when you need to seek help and guidance from someone with an objective point of view.

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Guaranteed Investment

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