29 June 2017

There’s a difference between being optimistic and living in a fantasy

Running a business obviously isn’t easy, and when you’re the leader, there’s a lot of pressure on you to do everything it takes to succeed. Sometimes, especially during tough times, it forces us to entertain delusions just to make it through the constant anxiety and panic. As a Business Coach, my task is to advise entrepreneurs and business owners as they work on realising the full potential of their company. I’ve learned that one of the reasons some entrepreneurs find it a challenge to move forwards is because they keep lying to themselves about certain aspects of the business.

As soon as they fully recognise the lie and start accepting it and working towards resolving core issues, they immediately see some progress in their path towards their business and personal whys. But then again, the change starts with identifying those lies and breaking free from the crippling mentalities.

“Things will get better the next day”

Legitimate problems don’t just solve themselves overnight. The moment you and your team encounters a challenging predicament, everybody needs to be able to accept the fact that there’s not always an easy way and that tomorrow might not be a better day. Problems need solutions, and unless you and your team can act together and do what needs to be done to change what happens tomorrow, then things will not get better.

This does not mean that people have to always embrace a mentality of being defeated. Fully accepting the challenge instead of relying on chance and lucky breaks can be the difference between true success and utter failure.

“My company just doesn’t have the right people”

It’s not about the individuals on a team; it’s about the system you put those individuals in. You need to determine the strengths of your existing team members and realise that it takes a good mix of different personal qualities together to be successful unit.

Don’t try to find and hire people who are “just like you”. Your business will never succeed in attracting or retaining talent until you start building your teams to be in harmony. It’s your responsibility to take the time to properly on-board, train and provide feedback to keep your team functioning efficiently.

“There’s only 24 hours in a day and I need more time”

If there isn’t enough time in the day for you to get things done, you need to learn how to do a better job of delegation. Discharging even the most minor tasks —managing your schedules, booking your travel—will earn you time back and can give you the confidence to start entrusting even bigger responsibilities to your team. Your job should be to figure out how to make your business run without you. You are the brains of the overall strategy and you need to find ways to give yourself time to concentrate on that important task.

“The more that we can get done, the better”

It’s not the number of little ‘successes’ that counts’ it’s whether you were able to accomplish things that really matter. As a business leader, you need to set clear objectives for your team, and you must establish a path towards those goals. Progress here and there can be great, but if they don’t really help you achieve the bottom line, you’re only wasting precious resources. Focus on the quality of work being done, not just the quanitity.

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Guaranteed Investment

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