23 May 2017

Every team wants something from their leader in order for them to function better

My experience in working with business owners has taught me that no matter how masterful a leader is in different aspects of business, his effectiveness and success will always depend on how his team perceives him. It’s a relationship. You as a business owner expect your team to perform to the best of their abilities. In return, they also have expectations of you.

I have found that if you are able to do these simple things, your team will appreciate you more, follow you and help your business achieve better results.

Your team expects you to give clear direction and measurable goals

The most important task of a business leader is to let his team clearly know what the goals and objectives are. Lack of clarity may lead to confusion, misalignment, frustration and disengagement. If they don’t know exactly what they are working hard for, they may lose the motivation to do it. Allow them to be part of the journey of achieving those goals by letting them see the progress as you move along.

Your team expects you to provide support and assistance

Remember that your team is the one that does the lion’s share of the work. So as their leader, it’s your responsibility to provide them with everything that they require to be successful. Set them up for triumph in every project and task. Being a business leader is about serving your team, not about being served by them. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will have to do everything for them. It means providing the proper environment, tools and training for them to perform and meet expectations.

Your team expects you to give them space

Employees often need the space to get on with their work. Provide support, but don’t fall into the trap of being a micromanager. Micromanagement not only causes them to get frustrated and demotivated, but it can also lead to blunders and miscalculations as it can put your team under unnecessary stress. No one wants to work for a paranoid micromanager. If you constantly check up on them, it makes them feel that you don’t trust them and that you’re a control freak. Allow them to work on their tasks freely using their own pace and skills, as long as they meet the basic expectations.

Your team expects praise, encouragement and inspiration

Positive feedback is key to building effective teams that achieve amazing things. I have found that some business leaders are resistant to giving praise, as though they are afraid to lose something.  Your business needs to have a culture of recognition, and it starts in you as a leader, by recognising your team’s effort. Just a little show of appreciation and praise can do wonders to the level of commitment your team will have towards your business goals.

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Guaranteed Investment

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