19 April 2023

You need to know whether your business is systems-dependent or people-dependent

A business functions based on specific procedures or systems, but not all businesses have established processes in place. Instead, they depend on the expertise of their employees and allow them to operate according to their discretion. This can lead to potential problems as there are no official procedures or documentation in place, leaving the fate of the business solely in the hands of its employees.

As a Business Coach, I strongly believe that your business should be run by systems, and your employees should be responsible for executing those systems. As a business owner, your job is to lead your employees, and having documented systems in place is crucial for building a solid foundation for your business.

Can your business survive if your key employees leave?

Typically, businesses are run by people who have their own unique approach to managing operations. Over time, these employees acquire extensive knowledge about how the business works, including intricate details about various aspects of the operation. Imagine if these key employees suddenly left the business – all of their expertise would go with them, leaving you with nothing.

It is not a sustainable or advantageous position to be in. To ensure that your business continues to function, you must establish systems that can function independently of the people running them.

Create a sustainable business model that pays off in the long run

Why is it crucial to document every aspect of your business procedures down to the tiniest detail? The objective is to create a systems manual for every operational procedure that any person can use. By doing this, you can remove knowledge from people’s heads and put it into the manuals.

Don’t get me wrong – people are essential to any business, and these systems won’t run themselves. However, it is more important to have a system in place that can function regardless of who is running it. By doing so, your business will no longer be dependent on certain individuals.

To achieve this, you need to break everything down to the smallest detail. The manual should be comprehensive and straightforward, allowing any person to execute a task without asking questions. These systems manuals are of no use if only a few people understand them.

You can start by using screen recordings to document the procedures. This modern and effective method allows you to record every step of the process in a video that you can re-watch indefinitely. You can even include voiceovers to provide additional guidance on how to perform these procedures.

These system manuals and video recordings will be invaluable in the future. They provide confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your business is no longer dependent on the knowledge of specific individuals, but instead relies on a strong foundation of clear systems that anyone can execute.

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Guaranteed Investment

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