16 August 2017

As a business leader, achieving your goals requires consistent focus and determination

When running a business, entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of wearing multiple hats in order to gain and maintain control of just about everything. Knowledge is power, but as a single individual whose task is to keep a business afloat, it’s virtually impossible to master every aspect of the company.

That’s why as a Business Coach, I always tell my clients to work on the business, not in the business. A business leader’s responsibility is not to take charge of everything. Precious time and brainpower should only be used in working towards the ultimate goal: your personal why and business why.

What must you achieve to be able to say that you’ve justified why you started a business in the first place? What is your personal and entrepreneurial measure of satisfaction? Whatever those aspirations may be, in order to achieve them, you need to keep your eyes on your goals.

Determine what’s important and strategise

The success of your business depends on your ability to ascertain the most important goals to achieve at any given time. You must have a very clear idea of your priorities, daily. An unplanned day will inevitably lead to distraction taking over. Precise, isolated decisions about every situation will help eradicate interference. This ability to crisply prioritise and strategise every move and minute will lead to a highly productive work environment.

You need to know what success looks like

Make sure that each activity or task is somehow associated with accomplishing that end prize: your personal and business why. Sometimes, you would need to deal with stuff that isn’t exactly connected to your end goals, and that’s normal and inevitable. Make sure this is arranged suitably, but don’t veer from the path you’ve marked out for your business. You set goals for a reason: to achieve them. If you’re wasting time on anything else, get rid of it.

Manage your time purposely

For some leaders, they are more productive in the morning, others late at night. Therefore, you need to know when you are most ready and concentrated, and utilise those times with enthusiasm! Also, even when things seem open-ended time-wise, it’s best to establish your own deadlines. Deadlines keep us focused. They stimulate us to complete our responsibilities within an allotted frame of time and will thereby allow us to stay on track to success.

Deal with difficult tasks straight on

Most people have a tendency to get the easier stuff out of the way first. Unfortunately, this is exactly the opposite of the way we should be managing our daily work. Remember, we’ve got a limited amount of focus and therefore should use our most intense times for the more challenging tasks. The email answering, invoicing and other more mindless tasks can be done when we really aren’t that intellectually involved.

Delegate tasks and audit your team’s performance for alignment

It’s essential that you use your prioritising skills to make sure that each activity or task your team takes on is linked to your business goals. Don’t get sidetracked by things that may seem fascinating unless there’s a direct relationship between participation and reaching your business objectives.

A good way to maintain alignment is to hold a meeting with yourself and your team, every week. Go over the to-do lists you’ve instituted. Determine what was accomplished and what worked best to meet those aims. If there are things that can be changed to make your week more productive in the future, then make the changes. If there are things you can remove, do so. Always look for ways to improve both your team’s productivity and your own.

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Guaranteed Investment

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