24 January 2017

Inspiring your employees is crucial in achieving your personal and business why

Motivated workers are productive workers. But what are the most effective ways to inspire your team to work hard and help your business grow? Fortunately, employee motivation isn’t that difficult. As a matter of fact, it could require you to just give a few minutes of your busy time to talk to your team and say “hello”.

As a business owner, your goal is to maximize sales and increase productivity, which means you need your team to work as efficiently as they can. Motivating people is a critical part of business growth, because most employees can only go the extra mile so much before they start giving up. Once they become demotivated, employers like you will have to put up with team members who are not stimulated enough to perform their obligations efficiently.

Below are some tips on how to become a more effective motivator to your team:

Talk to them and express your gratitude

Gratitude is the groundwork for employee motivation. Constantly showing people how grateful you are can make a difference, and it doesn’t always have to be a huge gesture. Just a simple, face-to-face “thank you” shows employees that their effort is not only noticed, but valued. Remember: if you’re nothing more than a face on a wall or a name on an email, what motivation will your team have to meet your goals? Communicate with them more often because they need to know they are appreciated, and communicating in person is the best way to do it.

Empower them to do more

Previously, I’ve discussed how important it is to ask for your team’s input and get suggestions on how they can improve your business processes. Most employees have great ideas about how they can be more efficient, but they may not share them with you unless you ask them directly. Don’t just ask; if you really want to empower and motivate your employees, you need to take their advice and implement it. Give them more of a say in how they do their job, but make sure they know their limits, too.

Emphasise opportunities for advancement

Let’s face it: your team will become more motivated when they know they’re working towards something. If they feel there’s no opportunity for advancement, they don’t have much to work for and that will affect how they perform. Nobody — including you — wants to work a dead-end job. Inspire your team by offering training that gives them the skills they need to climb their career ladder. It’s vital to train young employees to move on to better opportunities because it allows you to build your own star team.

Allow them to see the bigger picture

Many among your team members may feel demotivated because they see themselves as cogs in the business machine. They don’t really understand how they’re contributing to the team as a whole. This could lead them to feel unimportant and replaceable. Don’t leave your employees in the dark. When they see how they’re part of a bigger picture, they realise that their day-to-day tasks become more meaningful and valuable to the whole team. As a result, everyone will be on the same bus and work towards the same goal — your personal and business goals.

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Guaranteed Investment

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