05 April 2017

Being in position doesn’t guarantee effectiveness, especially in the constantly-evolving world of business

Leaders of businesses, whether small to medium or large enterprises, are brought in to act as chief commander because of several reasons: It could be because the leader has been endowed with the responsibility of taking care of a business that has been managed by the family for generations. It could be because the leader has amassed an extensive amount of experience in corporate management and is considered the best candidate for the job. It could be because the leader has been chosen by random circumstance to start and lead his own company.

Experience, wisdom and courage are some of the things that make a business leader great. However, because of the ever-changing landscape of the business world, even seasoned veterans of business leadership are not guaranteed of success these days. In short, previous titles and past accomplishments don’t account for anything when you consider how rapidly the market changes.

That is why, in the past 10 years or so everywhere we look we see young people running their own businesses even without any considerable experience. Apparently, businesses need to be run by open minds rather than minds that have been accustomed to old ways.

As a Business coach, I’ve noticed that some leaders, regardless of past experience, are unfit to run a modern-day business venture. It’s not just because of skill and expertise or the lack thereof. Some leaders just don’t have the right mentality to lead their people and drive them to success.

They fail to motivate their people the right way

A good leader drives his employees beyond their job descriptions and understands how that influence could maximise organisational and marketplace growth. It should be the leader’s goal to discover the full potential of each member of the team. And because everything around us is evolving, so are we. Modern employees require a different approach for them to be motivated. When a leader refuses to learn what makes his young employees tick, he ultimately fails as a leader

They are reluctant to embrace diversity of thought 

Most businesses nowadays thrive on collaborative efforts of mind and action. Gone are the days when employees are mere robots that only do what they’re told to. Today, the most successful ideas and ventures are developed because people work as teams. Any head of business who denies his employees the chance to contribute or make themselves useful is bound to fail as leader.

They fail to emphasise and focus on their business ‘why’

The thing about businesses today is that they have a clear idea of what they are and what they offer and who they want to offer it to. The competition is strong and there are a thousand ways to market your company, so the real edge is when your business is able to explicitly define its identity.

A modern leader needs to concentrate on making that happen, and it starts with making sure his team knows exactly what they’re working to achieve. Some leaders tend to have too many goals and action plans that they end up lost somewhere along the line.

They become imitators instead of being innovators

In the modern world of business, one cannot afford to be drowned in an ocean of imitators; instead one needs to be an innovator. When leaders become too complacent and refuse to reinforce corporate culture and create competitive advantages and growth opportunities, they lose the chance to make the most out of being a leader. Nowadays, we always hear about businesses not making it far because they kept themselves from evolving and just settled with whatever’s currently working. It’s the leader’s job to keep the business alive and evolving, even when everything is ‘working fine’.

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