19 May 2021

Not getting the results you want could be caused by the little things you do wrong

Imagine pouring yourself into your company and working all the hours to take your business to the next level and still not getting the results you’re hoping for. That’s frustrating, to say the least, and it’s a common enough problem for most entrepreneurs. Most of the time, it’s really not just about whether you’ve worked hard enough, but whether you’ve worked smart enough.

As a Business Coach, my job is to train my clients to nurture a habit that cultivates productivity, knowledge and excellent leadership so they can make sound decisions and convert them into actions for their company. I’ve learned that most business owners are too caught up with working in the business that they tend to neglect their most important responsibility — to work on the business.

As a result, they fall into a nasty pattern that takes away any chance of helping the business grow and attain its goals.

Allowing pointless tasks eat up your time and energy

The most common disease that entrepreneurs suffer from is the inability to prioritise. When a manager spends his time working on something he could have delegated to someone else more capable, he’s essentially wasting valuable time and creative juices which could have been used to brainstorm on strategy and tactics. It’s not surprising that by focusing on the wrong things, you won’t get the results you want.

The no-strategy approach will never work

Some business owners avoid research and strategy because they’re worried they will fail, and so they turn a blind eye to this essential part of the business. And instead, they just “wing it”.

Putting your business, brand and product out there without a firm understanding of statistics, analytics and other data that will help you to effectively advance your market is like driving through unfamiliar territory without a map. You may eventually get to where you want to go, but you will have wasted gas, money, time and energy.

Failure to handle failure

When things don’t go as you have planned, what is your first reaction? Is it to refocus and figure out what went wrong? Or is it to blame someone or something else for the failure?

More often than not, success is the direct result of fixing or correcting past failures and missed opportunities. How do you expect to get the results you want if, instead of working on a solution and finding ways to improve, you resort to playing the blame game?

Becoming too comfortable with what’s “okay”

Entrepreneurs usually start off with great strategies and plans, but somewhere along the way they settle. Instead of focusing on building their business so it can produce the results they want, they switch. They switch to lowering their expectations, so that it meets the limitations of their underperforming business. Or maybe they just decide to do the same things over and over again just because they “work”. You may get the results you want right now, but you can never sustain that success if you settle. Growth means leaving your comfort zone, setting bigger goals and then making the commitment to take the action required.

Awarding yourself the “expert” award without earning it

Sometimes, arrogance does gets in the way of opening yourself up to new opportunities to be successful in business. A lot of managers think that because they’ve had a certain level of experience, they don’t need any help.

There’s a lot of insight and knowledge about business that can only be effectively learned through gaining a different perspective. Sometimes, when you’re too immersed in something, you miss the chance to see the bigger picture, and thus you find it hard to make decisions and work your way out of occasional struggles. You need to know when you need to seek help and guidance from someone with an objective point of view.

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