29 January 2020

A great business leader can still make something valuable out of complete mayhem

When we read about other companies, we tend to see only the successful side of the business. Generally, what we don’t realise is how much struggle and turmoil they go through behind their public façade. If you’re under the impression that some businesses came to be without any challenges or moments of chaos, then you need to snap back to reality. Even the most successful companies hit bumps on the road every now and then. The occasional chaos has always been part of the game of business.

But what separates the ones that survive from the ones that fail?

It’s about control. It means keeping yourself updated and informed of everything that’s going on in your business. Things may not always go as planned all the time, but maintaining control can prevent chaos from totally eating up the situation. Control is not established only during times of crises; a business owner must already have control even when everything is in order, so that when the crucial time comes, everything is still manageable.

Solidify your office management practices and stick to them

Routine tasks need routine procedures if you want to stay organised and keep things running efficiently.

Set up protocols for handling paperwork and office systems. Also, digital communications such as emails should be prioritised and acted upon immediately if possible or flagged for future action. This way, during a chaos, your team would not have dig up lost data and messages and frustrate themselves.

Define responsibilities for each person or team

Good office management depends on people knowing who is responsible for what – it’s people who are accountable who get things done. Failing to clearly define roles is one of the most common reasons why teams struggle during a chaos. When each team member is crystal clear on their own responsibilities, it promotes accountability and makes crisis-control easier for everyone. It also creates a culture of teamwork and improves your team’s sense of purpose and motivation.

Everything must be recorded

Keeping records sounds like the easiest part of maintaining control. But you need to consider the need to keep those records both accessible and updated. It’s not just about filing and storage; it’s also about the way things are being recorded. Make sure the most important data are being systematically recorded for future use. Some information may seem useless, but still find a way to keep them without eating up space and effort.

Schedule the tedious work

For most business owners, it’s too easy to put off things that they don’t like doing. But the more you set aside things, the more you tend to forget about them. If you have too many things on your plate, make sure to have a workable schedule to deal with those items one by one. Learn the art of prioritising so you won’t end up pouring precious hours into something that’s not really for you to do.

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