08 May 2019

Effective leadership is crucial in business; one must know what being a leader is NOT about

One cannot attribute success in business to a single individual, simply because any company that aims to achieve its goals needs the collective effort of each and every employee. But why does the business world give so much glory to business leaders? Why is it that, more often than not, a successful business is almost synonymous with its owner or President or CEO?

That’s because to survive, a business needs direction. Not having a unified drive towards a definite goal cannot move a company forward, no matter how hard each employee works. And the person who determines and sustains that direction is the business leader. It’s the one who makes crucial decisions whenever necessary. It’s the one who lays out the blueprint for a general strategy. It’s the one who calls the shots on most, if not all, aspects of the business.

As a Business Coach, I always make my clients understand how important it is for a business owner to not settle on just being the ‘owner’. A team of employees needs someone to provide them that ‘direction’ so their efforts are not wasted. And there’s a lot difference between just being someone who owns the company and someone who knows how to inspire, motivate and push people to deliver beyond expectations.

Leaders don’t rule; they lead by example

Your job is not to consciously remind people that you’re the boss. Instead, just focus on performing your duties as a leader. Show them how dedicated you are in achieving the company’s goals — the business whys — and they will willingly look up to you as their leader. Prove to them that even though the top position is yours, you’re still the most hardworking employee.

Leaders don’t waste time on things that aren’t a priority

Poor time management breeds disaster. Business owners who don’t know how to maximise their time often end up squandering other people’s time, too. They become micromanagers because they lack the skills to properly delegate tasks and determine the importance or urgency of certain situations. Sometimes, it’s not how many things you’ve accomplished, but how you were able to make use of your time doing things you’re supposed to do. Once you’ve mastered time management, you naturally bring your leadership skills to a whole new level.

Leaders do not shine the light on themselves

Leadership isn’t about individual triumphs. You shouldn’t feel the need to take credit or ask for a pat on the back. Care more about the influence you have on your team, and how you’re able to bring out the best in them. Seek out opportunities to help your talented players build confidence. Even when your people fall short, understand that it takes time and perseverance until they finally flourish. Try to see what others can’t; don’t look for instant results.

Leaders don’t ignore the voices of their team members

The best leaders are always listening and empowering their people. Take the time to coach and train, knowing neglect only promotes bad habits, stagnation, and detachment. Accept feedback and try to learn from past mistakes.

Also, it’s absolutely important to keep your team interested and engaged in the work being done. It’s all about giving them a feeling of value. Remember, your team can occupy their roles for years, but they won’t create value for the business if they’re not invested in their work.  It’s up to you to ensure employees actually feel that they’re making a difference.

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