07 September 2017

Being a business leader is not all about chasing numbers and goals Being a business leader is not all about chasing numbers and goals

If you own a business and your business involves people working under you, then by definition, you’re a boss. Whether you’re running a small business composed of a small group of workers or a multi-million pound enterprise composed of thousands of employees across different locations, you would still have the responsibility of being a leader.

Now, the next question: how would you measure yourself as a leader? What makes you a great leader or a lousy one?

This is a bit tricky, because when you have a title such as a CEO or President, your responsibility, on paper, is to meet the objectives your organisation has set to achieve. If you are able to bring your company to a certain level of success based on previously-defined standards, then you are effective in your position. But being a leader encompasses more than that. Leadership is a concept that also focus’s on the impact you have on people around you.

Being genuinely interested in the members of your team

You’ve known your team for a while now. Have you figured out what they want in life? That’s a rather important question to ask yourself. You need to have a sincere curiosity for the people working for you and how you can serve them better. You can’t expect your company to grow and not grow your people along with it. You need to invest in understanding the people you’re going to be working with in the years to come as your company moves forward. Fostering team and individual development and build a strong foundation of workforce for the years to come.

Constantly letting your team know how they’re doing

One of your tasks is to quantify what success is for your employees so that they are aware whether they’re doing things right or wrong. People have an intrinsic need to know when they’re doing well. You need to learn how to ‘reward’ successes by making sure they understand how they impact your overall efforts to achieve your company’s goals. You also need to identify weak points and make sure they have the proper motivation to become better. You will need to be more transparent if you want your team to fully understand the force of their hard work.

Taking your management duties earnestly

Effective employee management is a discipline and a skill. As a matter of fact, being a ‘good boss’ is a totally isolated obligation from the rest of your daily tasks as an entrepreneur. As a Business Coach, I’ve worked with many business leaders and more often than not, I find that their brilliance in entrepreneurship does not always equate to good leadership. One may be good at business strategy but lacks people skills to properly motivate employees to work. Leadership is something else entirely. It’s a craft that you need to seriously work at it in order to perform the role effectively.

Owning up to mistakes and being a good example

At some point, you’re going to have to take risks that could potentially make or break your company. It’s not always going to work the way you’d hoped, so you’re going to have to prepare yourself to accept defeat. It’s the truest measure of a great leader and one that immediately earns the respect of other people. If you’re not willing to recognise the flaws in yourself and how you run things, it’s going to be difficult for people to view you as a great leader. As a consequence, every step your company needs to take towards your goal will also be difficult. You become a good boss when you lead by example.

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