09 January 2019

It’s time you focus on the evolution of your business this 2019

It’s rather important to start the year right when you’re running a business. How you begin the year can set the stage for success for the entire year, and to help your business get off to a great start, it requires critical planning and devotion to executing whatever strategy you come up with.

And because the business world thrives in competition and advancement, it’s also really important to look beyond ‘making money’ and start looking at how you can achieve sustainable growth. Growth ensures the survival of your business; it means it is ready to adapt to any changes in the future. Most often than not, the reason most businesses fail is not because they lost money, but because they failed to grow and survive.

Write down and outline your goals for this year

Concentrating on what you want to attain, detailing it and then setting up an annual, quarterly and monthly plan to accomplish those goals is a good way to get things rolling. It will allow you to know what you and your team are working towards for the entire year and determine what is most important, while also providing a system to track progress throughout the year. Share your plan with your team and let them see the progress as the company moves along.

Ask your team about their needs and concerns

Speaking of sharing goals with your team, it is also important to ask them what they need and what is a priority for them for the year. Each person’s priorities change over time, so it is crucial to check in with everyone in your team to find out what the priority is and how it aligns to the organisational goals. Gain feedback on how they see the goals that you’ve set.

Appreciate the trends that will have an impact to your business

This year, start by evaluating your market to determine likely changes during the year that you will need to prepare for. It’s not like the old days when paradigm shifts happen by the decades; nowadays, a new piece of technology or lifestyle or trend comes along almost every day. These things affect how customers decide on acquiring goods and services, so it’s important to become aware of these inclinations and plan in advance how your business would find its feet on new grounds.

Break bad habits and clean your checklists

It’s easy to plan for the new year by bearing in mind only what you need to do to be successful. That’s a trap to fall into.  However, the real challenge is to identify the behaviours that need to stop, the mentality that needs to halt, and even the projects to pause. You can’t really start working on your business growth if you’re spending your time and energy on things that don’t really contribute to that cause.

Allow yourself to think without too much pressure

Most business leaders have so much demand on their time that it becomes easy for them to fall into a pattern of reactive behaviour. As a result, most of their time is wasted on attending meetings, replying to emails and returning calls. Effective leaders recognise the importance of setting aside time to think, whether it’s to come up with a new growth strategy or to make adjustments in order to solve a temporary crisis. If you don’t give yourself enough time to think, you’ll end up making poor decisions which will lead to more physical and mental stress.

It’s time for your business to shine this 2019! Be the best business leader you can be and reach the full potential of your business. Work with a Business Coach. My extensive clientele consists of companies based in Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and West Midlands. Discover how REACH Business Coaching can help you grow your business by attending our free workshops and seminars.

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Guaranteed Investment

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