29 March 2018

Destination Mastery is knowing exactly where you are going in business

Imagine yourself investing your time, money and energy into something without knowing what exactly you’re aiming to achieve. It just doesn’t make any sense, does it? And yet, as a Business Coach, I’ve encountered a few entrepreneurs who didn’t seem to have the slightest clue as to what their objectives were. Apparently, they had just decided to venture into the dog-eat-dog world of business without establishing specific goals for themselves and for their company.

Failing to define your objectives will almost certainly cause your business efforts to scatter all over the place. It’s very easy to notice how successful businesses seem to have a clear and central objective, because everything they do is directed towards achieving that.

Setting goals help dictate specific steps you should take in order to achieve those goals

The thing with most business owners is that they tend to get caught up with small and sometimes trivial goals that don’t really contribute to the overall success and growth of the company. This is a direct result of not having a clear set of objectives from the start. Once your personal and business whys have been established, it’s much easier to map out a path towards those goals.

When you have clear goals, you and your team can work together more harmoniously

One of the common reasons why team members become demotivated and unwilling to put in more effort into their work is when their boss is ‘out of touch’ — meaning, no clear goals have been established by that person, and if there were, they are ludicrous and unrealistic. Team members should be fully aware of the company’s objectives for them to have a sense of responsibility and fulfillment, which as a result brings about an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork.

Goals keep business owners in the proper mindset

Without a clear set of goals, a business owner will tend to target thing that are either irrelevant or unattainable because he does not have any real perspective on what his business is capable of accomplishing. By setting and managing goals, you can ensure that you know the exact state of your business and therefore prevent you from being ‘out of touch’.

You need to know how to measure success

A business should always be trying to improve, grow, and become more profitable. Setting goals provides the clearest way to measure the success of the business. When you are looking at your business from a long-term perspective, you are preparing beyond the tactical side of your business and instead taking a much bigger view, which allows you to see the company from a more competitive and economic perspective.

With proper goal-setting, you can sustain growth for your company in the future

When the goals you’ve established have been accomplished, there’s no other consequence but more opportunity for growth, which means you need to establish more goals. The sustainability and structure of that growth becomes clearer because goals have been properly established from the start. There’s really no way for you to take your business to the next level without a clear path of goals in every step of the way.

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Guaranteed Investment

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