The REACH Refresh Days are loved by everyone – they’re tremendously popular. The whole purpose of them is to get you to stop what you’re doing, to take time out of your workplace for an entire day, and to get you engaged in an environment that’s conducive to planning. This is so valuable. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to introduce you to the most valuable thing we have – our REACH Community.

Make the most of the day

This is a vibrant group of like-minded business people who come together to share best practice without being guarded, to help each other grow and flourish. Ask any of our clients about our REACH Refresh Days and they’ll tell you they’re worth their weight in gold…

Who’s it for?
For anyone who has One to One Coaching with me. It’s all part of the service. However other business owners can still attend too!

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What you will discover at the REACH Refresh Day

The REACH Refresh Days give you structure to help develop your 90-Day Plan. There are four a year. You’ll reflect on what you’ve achieved in your last three months and what you’re going to focus on in the next three months. The difference is, you’ll have around 80 local businesspeople who share the same values, supporting you.

Upcoming dates

  • Friday 27th September 2024 - Hilton near East Midlands Airport, Derby
  • Tuesday 10th Dec 2024 - Hilton near East Midlands Airport, Derby

Get involved

Let me give you an example. At a recent event, we had two printing businesses in the room who do exactly the same thing, based just one mile apart from each other. One business owner explained that she was experiencing a particular problem with her printing firm – and so the owner of the other printing firm said, ‘come to me next week and I’ll show you how we do it’. Where else do you get that kind of support in business? It’s not about selling or pitching – you’re coming to give, to share and to learn. You’ll very often hear people say ‘that’s a brilliant idea, why didn’t I think of that’ – you’ll get lots from it.

People build friendships and some create mastermind groups together. How can you not be successful when you’re in that environment? From time to time, we have guest speakers too, which really adds to the experience.

And then, at the end of March, we host our REACH Business Coaching Client Awards where we recognise and celebrate individual successes over the last twelve months. As you can imagine, the energy and excitement in the room is incredible.

You can read more about our client success stories here.

Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

Everything I do is bound by my solid gold guarantees. Regardless of which programme we work on, if you do what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, you will get a return on investment guaranteed. If not, then I will refund you the difference. Yes, I am guaranteeing your investment.

Enrich Your Business

Never, ever, underestimate the power of Coaching.