23 September 2020

Marketing is not about firing out anything far and wide and hope something hits

Imagine sending someone out to the grocery store to simply buy food. He or she might come back with loads of bags filled with stuff you don’t need or probably won’t eat. Obviously, a lot of time and money are wasted. But if you had given that person a list of specific things to buy, he or she will come back with just the right groceries. No time or money will have been wasted, and you will be able to enjoy everything that has been bought for you.In marketing, being specific is also an important quality. New businesses are something under the delusion that their product or service is attractive to everybody, but that’s never the case. Different age demographics, cultures, trends, buying practices, income levels and other factors can and should affect how you market your business. Defining your target market will help you funnel your resources on the group or groups of people that are most likely to become your customers.

You need data, data, data

Naturally, the first step is to gather data. Without basic information on your customers’ behavior, you won’t be able to correctly choose the right market for your product. All it requires is some basic research.

If you know how to check your site’s analytics, you’ll easily be able to see your site visitors’ age group and gender, what other websites they came from, which keywords they used to find you, and how much time they spent on your web pages.

Another easy and effective way to find out more about your potential customers is to simply ask. This can be done in person, via phone calls, emails, or surveys and polls on your social media sites. If you have forms on your website, make sure to use specific mandatory fields such as age or company size or job title to gather more information.

You can also ask for some insights from your sales team. Which leads are they most likely to close deals with? What are some questions they hear most often from potential customers? Aside from learning about your target market, this can also give you an idea on how to close sales in the future.

Lastly, you can take a look at your competition. Check out their websites and social media accounts and find out who they are targeting with their ads and posts.

Now you know who your buyers are

You’ve gathered the data, so now all you need to know is to create your buyer persona. A buyer persona is simply a detailed picture of your ideal customer in as much relevant information as possible. You need to know not only who they are, but also how they behave.

With a clear idea on who your target market is, marketing becomes significantly easier. The challenge would only be to choose an approach that will work on them. You no longer need to use a such a big net and throw it into the ocean; you can tailor-fit your marketing strategy to address specifically the needs of your target market. With a few tweaks, experimentation, and continuous research, it won’t be long until you find their soft spot and ultimately earn their interest and trust.

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