18 April 2018

There are many ways to motivate your employees to work towards your business goals

As a Business Coach, I’ve worked with business owners whose main problem was losing control over their own business. It’s a rather regrettable thing, really, to not be able to fully take charge of something you’ve built from the ground up. There are times when, especially as a business grows, business owners find it challenging to keep their hands on the wheel and be effective as the boss.

My job is to make sure my clients are still in control of their business as a whole. That is not to say I will discourage them to delegate tasks or to influence them to avoid putting their trust on their own employees. One can still maintain control even when everyone on the team is making contributions, even in major decisions that have to be made. It’s a matter of strategy and planning.

Clearly communicating business objectives is key

When you started your business, you spent time creating your company’s “mission and vision” which includes your personal and business whys. Now, what is the level of understanding that your team has about these objectives? Having everyone on the same page when it comes to business goals is important, because when each person or team has even the slightest misunderstanding, it will be very difficult to maintain control, and next thing you know, you’ve lost the chance to turn it all around.

Outline detailed employee roles and recognise their contributions

Another frequent problem that causes lack of control is allowing people to work on something beyond their delegated tasks. While it’s great to have someone go the extra mile to serve the company, it can be a potential root of disaster in the end, and because employee roles have been cocked up, accountability will diminish.

Make sure each person knows exactly what his role is in the company, what contributions he’s making and how important they are, and what part of the business he no longer should be involved with. In the future, make sure to recruit talent for specific job descriptions.

Learn the processes and manage workflow

When the goals and roles have been clearly defined, it’s time to make sure the flow of every business process, big or small, is smooth and manageable. Having a clearly define process maximises your level of control and monitoring, and it also helps make it clear to everyone what their roles are and up to what point of the process they’re only involved with.

Identify critical concerns that require your approval before implementation

As the captain of the ship, there should be things that require your green light before any movement. Clearly identify those points and make sure you make it a golden rule to have you involved.

Carefully choose people who will be involved in major decisions. Not all decisions should go through your desk, especially those judgments that are team-level. That’s the beauty of delegation; you get people to do those things for you. You need to be smart in choosing those people, because what they decide for their respective team will impact the overall strategy and outcome.

Remain transparent and encourage opinions and ideas

Transparency manifests your reliability as a leader, and it establishes trust with the individual members of your team. If you lie about something, or withhold information, you could jeopardise your relationships and the respect you command as the boss.

The more people you have keenly contributing in discussions and attempting to make improvements to the organisation, the better. Never reprimand a team member for voicing an opinion dutifully — even if it goes against your primary strategy or isn’t well thought out.

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