09 October 2019

These bad behaviors can stand between you and achieving your company’s goals

One of the advantages of being a Business Coach is that apart from sharing my knowledge and know-how with business leaders that I work with, I also learn a lot from them and I get to understand more the dynamics of every leader. People always say that leaders are born and not made. After years of partnering with unique individuals who run their own company, I have become rather unsure of the truthfulness of that statement.

There are certain behaviors that separate the bad leaders, the good leaders and the great ones. A person may start out as a hopeless case — possessing a personality that points to the opposite direction from what a good leader must be. However, leadership skills can be enhanced. And with hard work and commitment, one can certainly ‘make’ a leader.

In my Business Coaching program, one of the central goals is to eliminate bad habits that business owners have in order to make them a more functional, decisive and insightful leader. Sadly, there are quite several behaviors that most leaders have that thwart their potential to be great. Below are some examples of these destructive behaviors:

Highlighting your rank and importance

There’s a difference between establishing yourself as a leader and declaring yourself a commanding boss. Even when the best intentions, some business leaders tend to exaggerate or overemphasise their supposed power over their team. If you want your people to work hard for your goals, encourage them to work with you and not for you. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal and act almighty when you can always level with your employees.

Trying to master everything at once

Successful leaders are aware of their strengths and weaknesses; they don’t waste time and energy trying to be good at everything when they know there’s only so much they can do in a period of time. Instead of tinkering with everything that comes through your desk, focus on what you’re good at, and toil to become the best at it. For the things that you’re bad at, that’s when you need to learn the concept of effective delegation.

Getting to fixated on mistakes and refusing to move on

If you’re the type who liked to brood over past errors, it’s going to be rather difficult for you to ever achieve everything. The business world is competitive and merciless, so there’s always the possibility of a few bumps on the road before you get what you want. Most, if not all, success stories have happened because the person in charge didn’t allow himself to be stopped by failing. People become much better after learning from a failed attempt.

Pretending to be who you’re not

We hear a lot of business people who continue to inspire the world with their audacity and groundbreaking minds, and we should all seek to emulate them. But that doesn’t mean we should mimic their every move and the way they handle things. Each business is unique, and there’s no general formula for doing things. You would only be blunting your own talent and potential if you go around dressing and acting like Steve Jobs. Examine your own personality and discover how you can inject yourself in how you would like your company to be perceived. Determine and stick to your own ideals and create a unique business persona that can stand the test of time.

Surrounding yourself with minions that don’t know how to say ‘no’

Don’t get addicted with the pleasure of having people kiss your behind, because in the long run, keeping people who act like clones is pointless and futile. Instead, nurture people who will challenge you. Open your doors to people from different backgrounds and who have the most tendencies to think differently. Having conflicting perspectives allows you to cover all angles and see things in ways you would have otherwise ignored.

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