18 August 2016

While it’s perfectly normal to set certain goals, having too many at once can also be unhealthy

I’ve met a lot of business owners who are just starting out on their journey in the business world, and most of them cannot contain their excitement and enthusiasm about what the future has in store for their ventures. That’s completely natural of course; every business needs to have a mission and every owner needs to have a vision, which includes your personal why.

But then, this naïve level of exhilaration can sometimes lead business owners into thinking that they can achieve multiple goals at the same time without some kind of compromise or difficulty. They tend to hope to master as many skill sets as possible to make them a better leader. In the real world, that is not how it works.

If you’re a business owner, the worst thing you can become is a Jack of all trades and master of none.

People who attempt to accomplish multiple objectives at a time tend to be less committed and less likely to succeed than those who focus on a singular goal. That is precisely why in my business coaching methodology, which I call the Cycle of Business Success, the first component is Mastery. Mastery is the basic fundamental building blocks. Without it, your business is destined to grow and eventually cave in, because the foundations weren’t strong enough.

However, you can’t aim to master several things at once. That’s why I’ve designed 5 different areas that business owners need to master: Destination mastery, Mind mastery, Time mastery, Financial mastery and Delivery mastery.

Now if you try to juggle your time and energy between several areas of business at once, you’ll gain very little but what you will lose is something big: control. Control is about keeping yourself updated, informed and in control of your business.

You can’t achieve control by allowing yourself to get drowned in an enormous amount of detail about every bit there is to know. You’ll have a better understanding and control of what’s happening if you learn how to prioritize important aspects of business and set aside matters that can be dealt with at a later time.

By focusing on a singular concern at a given time, you’ll be able to use your resources efficiently and you’ll be able to think straight in coming up with big decisions and smart adjustments to certain situations. That clarity and orderliness of thinking cannot be attained by trying to master several areas simultaneously.

My job as a Business Coach is to give you a more intelligent perspective of the situation so you can decide — by your own terms and free will — what to do first and how to go about it. It’s never healthy to carry all the weight at once. Don’t be a Jack of all trades.

Guaranteed Investment

Guaranteed Investment

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