12 October 2022

The importance of team focus and productivity in getting the results you want

Despite your focus and commitment to your business goals, you may realise that you aren’t as effective in motivating everyone around you to be the same. Working with a team and keeping them driven is a different task altogether. Sometimes, there’s really no assurance that everyone in your team is working towards the same goals, staying on track, and coming up with great new ideas as you are.

That’s why you need to build an environment that will help you keep your team focused and productive. While every person has his or her own source of motivation to work, it’s really the leader’s job to make sure everyone in the team is lined up in terms of collective objectives. But how do great leaders do that?

Learn how everyone comprehends their role

What’s obvious to you might not be so obvious to your team members, especially when you don’t get to talk to them often. Make certain that you are able to clearly establish your personal and business whys and project objectives to the team, while also making sure that everyone is up to speed and working towards the same goals. Remember, it only takes one or two people deviating off track to bring your efforts and hard work to its demise, so it’s very crucial to make sure things are crystal clear with everyone before they start working.

Establish a clear system of doing things

Be an advocate of using to-do lists to ensure that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing to meet the company’s goals. To-do lists can help your team focus instead of floundering about with little or no direction. Having a systematic way of doing things and determining levels of priority can dramatically improve productivity not only as individual team members but as a group.

Double-check their understanding of the collective mission

There won’t be a measure of success if a task is not clearly defined. The only way your team will feel a sense of urgency and responsibility is if they have a clear picture of what success looks like. Goals should not be ambiguous. Train your team to keep track of their own progress and have the ability to sense how close or far they are from reaching their goals.

Create an open and respectful communication line

A focused, productive team is one in which every member feels like they have a voice and that voice is heard. As much as you can, create an environment where everyone feels able to articulate their opinions and needs. The best breakthroughs often happen when open, respectful, and honest communication is encouraged among team members.

Make them feel how their contributions mean to the business

People will always want to know that they make a difference. When you put your team’s work into a meaningful context, you tap into their deepest yearnings. The problem is that your team member may be so caught up in their work and their jobs are so compartmentalised that they often miss the bigger story of how their work contributes to the overall growth of the company.

Leaders who reframe daily responsibilities by providing personal context can give their employees something more meaningful to work for, thus making them more focused and striving on becoming more productive.

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