02 September 2020

It’s crucial to know whether you’re getting better or worse at leading your team

As a Business Coach, my task is to help business leaders become better at what they do. There’s no universal formula in Coaching; one cannot magically transform a person into a better version of himself without recognising first the aspects of his behavior, personality and leadership style that needs improvement.

So how would you know whether you’re all good to go or in dire need of Coaching? Below are some questions you must ask yourself to determine whether you’ve grown as a business leader or you’ve become a huge part of the problem why the business isn’t going well. Of course, to get a good evaluation of yourself, you need to be ruthlessly honest in your answers.

Do you spend your time doing fewer but more important things?

One of the most noticeable signs of a maturing entrepreneur is when he finally understands that he isn’t the best person to do everything and instead he narrows his focus down to those limited tasks that are more critical to the growth of the company.

However, if you’re still allergic to delegation and you still find yourself interfering on every job your team works on, you might want to consider getting advice from a Business Coach.

Do you have the capacity to carry out the plans you’ve formed inside your brain?

Most leaders have lots of ideas on how to solve problems or to take their business to the next level. However, it takes great ability and skill to actually convert those ideas into action. Basically, you may need a Coach when you “know” what to do but don’t exactly know how to about implementing it, may it be because of your reluctance to embrace change or your fear of failure. Or maybe you’re just not that effective in motivating your team to execute your plans. Great leaders are revered not only because they had a great vision, but also — and most importantly — because they were able to attain that vision.

Do you invest in developing your future leaders to their full potential?

When you strive to become a better leader, it doesn’t mean you should be the only one improving. It also means you’re helping your team develop the leadership skills they need in the future, Coaching them to overcome unhealthy behaviors that hold them back, and instilling in them a clear sense of your business why.

Are you often unsatisfied by your team’s productivity?

As a business leader, it’s your job to make sure your team understands what they’re working to achieve collectively and as individuals. This is the painful truth: if most of your team isn’t “getting it”, then it’s your failure. You need to come up with a better way to motivate your team and get everybody on the same boat. And that’s where a Business Coach comes in.

How can you alter your approach? What hasn’t been working in the past? What else can you try? What minor things had some constructive impact that you can spin up and build upon?

Do you constantly miss you goals instead of hitting them?

Sometimes, even when your team is working the best way they possibly could, you still couldn’t achieve the results you’re aiming for. Because you’ve been working so hard, you couldn’t help but think you know the right path to take, but then you come to find it isn’t working.

Sometimes, in order to get results you want, you may need guidance from someone who can see things from a more objective view, not a subjective view. Turning to a Business Coach can help you gain a better perspective on things so you can make more intelligent decisions and maximise the potential of your leadership and the growth of your team members.

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Guaranteed Investment

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