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We're proud of the work we do at REACH and what all our clients achieve. We hope the following testimonials communicate this.


Even in a short space of time the coaching and support provided by Jas and the team has been invaluable. Being handed a business to run with little experience, we all felt extremely apprehensive and a little out of our depth. With Jas’ help and guidance we now have control over all aspects of our business and have the solid foundations to grow the business the way we want. Jas is always very supportive but clear and firm in the activities, research and programs he wants us to complete. However, he only ever has our business in mind. We would all highly recommend REACH Business Coaching to any business owners at any stage in their career - the things you will learn and the working practices Jas will teach you are brilliant.

Trent, Chelsea & Kendal Peek - CCM - April 2019

As a small business owner, as most of Jas and Angela’s clients are, I have found their constant support and patience invaluable. For someone who is a hard nut to crack, I have been grateful to have had someone there to listen to my latest issues and offer advice without being judgemental. For me, Jas’s way is not just been about being a business coach but also being a life coach. The combination may not be unique but Jas’s approach has worked a treat for me. The one thing I will be eternally grateful for will be my introduction to ’staying above the line’ which has had such an impact on both my business and personal life. Thank you Jas and Angela.

Tom Bird - Connect Design & Print - January 2019

We were referred to Jas by one of our clients. I was hugely sceptical about the whole concept of business coaching and honestly thought it would be nonsense. However, we met with Jas and were blown away with the ideas and concepts he put to us. It became a no brainer to appoint Jas as our business coach.

Prior to engagement with Jas I was working 60 hours a week in the business and had no time to work on the business. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong.

We have worked with Jas for 2 years and in that time we have improved our business in every aspect from internal processes right through to the customer experience. I now have balance between my working and home life and have more time than ever to spend with my young family. 2 years ago I did not own the business, the business owned me, I now own the business and have Jas to thank for making this possible’.

Sean Wallace - Wallace Contracts - 2018

Reach coaching has given us the focus and determination to grow our business and achieve a much better work/life balance. Becoming part of the Reach community has been the best business decision we’ve ever made.

Becky Page - RS Print - 2018

Since engaging with Jas and Reach Business Coaching both my business and personal life have improved beyond belief!
Jas has been instrumental in guiding me through all the ups and downs of business and holding me accountable for the things that really matter!
His knowledge and understanding of every aspect of business, combined with his inspirational ability to motivate, has meant he has always been able to advise me and keep me on track to achieving my goals.
I can not recommend Jas enough as the most professional and inspiring coach I have had the privilege to work with and I am glad to have him by my side as my key adviser, mentor and coach.

David Thomas - Liberty Gate - 2017

I have worked with Jas at REACH Business Coaching for just over 8 years now.
During that time my business has gone through many changes and the Cycle of Business that Jas talks about has really applied to me! Jas has always been there to help me through these twists and turns and always keep me focused with the business heading in the right direction.
Being in business can be a lonely place. Even if you have a team around you everyday it’s difficult to express your concerns to them without worrying them and they are also sometimes too close to the issues to understand how to best resolve them. Jas is a great sounding board to offload too, helping me see what is priority to work on to ensure I get the results I’m looking for.
I can now take time away from the business to be able to spend with my friends and family. Most recently I took 6 weeks out of the business over the summer with next to no contact and everything ran smoothly during this time. I really do feel that I now have a business to be proud of and a life worth living!

Jon Whiten - Deegee Controls - 2017

There are many reasons why managers work with a business coach and many reasons why others avoid doing so. Being a Managing Director of a small business can be a lonely position and there are times when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders which can lead to procrastination and even depression.

I guess I had always held the view that needing a business coach was a sign of failure but I soon realised that I could benefit from business coaching even though the business wasn’t staring into the abyss. Many of Jas’s clients are Owner Managers and I was initially concerned as to whether I would benefit equally being an employee MD.

I have been working with Jas for over two years and the one to one coaching sessions and the quarterly planning days where all the one to one clients (and in some cases their teams) have been of real benefit in addressing our marketing and keeping me focussed on the things that will have most positive impact on the business. I have not always agreed with what Jas has advised and we have had some interesting debates but never fallen out over it.

MTM is now embarking on the next stage of its journey and “going for growth” now that the economy seems much stronger. We have strengthened our management team recently to enable me and my Deputy to have more time to be strategic and not buried so much in the detail of the day to day running of the business. The future looks good for MTM and we can now accomplish our goals without either of us killing ourselves in the process.

To benefit from coaching you have to be open to changing you ways. Too often we hear examples of managers who are being run by their businesses not the other way round. With a bit of luck you will find that you are running a more successful business and at the same time free up some time for your personal interests. I don’t think I or MTM would be where we are today without the support and encouragement of Jas. He really challenges you but that is what makes the difference.

Ian Greenaway, Managing Director MTM Products - 2016

Matthew and I have worked with Jas and Angela at REACH Coaching over the last 6 years. Through this time, our business Dalycom has seen amazing transformation. Coaching has helped steer us through some very difficult questions and operational issues. Coaching does not give you the answers, but certainly helps guide you to the right answers.

When we first started coaching Matthew and I, were working in excess of 60 hours per week, working in the business and generally missing out on family and a social life. Six years on, we have developed a business in which we now enjoy a 4 day week and for the first time last year enjoyed 10 weeks away from the business. I truly do not think this would of all been possible if we did not venture down our coaching route with Jas.

It is always great to know that not only do we have a very good coach, we also have a business community who can lend an ear and reassure on some difficult business matters.

If anyone was thinking of a coach I would very strongly recommend Jas and Angela, they certainly helped contribute towards the success of our business.

Amanda Daly – Managing Director, Dalycom - 2016

Our work with Jas and the Team at REACH has had a significant positive effect on my business.

Jas has helped to make sure the business building blocks are in place, and that we have a structured planned approach to developing the business in order to achieve my business and personal objectives. Our work with Jas has made a significant contribution to a 10% uplift in profits over the last twelve months.

Every SME business owner should use a business coach, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of Jas and the REACH Business Coaching Team no matter what size or stage of business.

Chris Jones, Managing Director T3 Pharmacy Design Ltd - 2016

Such excellent people. I cannot thank Jas and Angela enough for all their help and support in moving out business forward.

Paul Robinson - Liberty Gate - 2016

We started with no goals, targets or plans, except for providing a quality service to clients and having more freedom and hopefully earning a bit more money. We have been relatively successful in achieving this and grown from a handful of clients to over 400 and there are now 8 of us in the business.

Facts speak louder than words so what have we have experienced:

Turnover increased by 24%.
Profit increased by 56%.

But that’s where the coaching and Jas come to the fore and you get the real benefits. Where your natural reaction is to stop and return to your default position, Jas is there encouraging you and giving you helping hand over those hurdles. We have had various issues, problems and obstacles but Jas has always been there to provide help, advice and guidance. He has also reminded us to celebrate our successes and achievements – which we seem to forget too easily.

I hope that’s given you all a picture of our personal experience with Jas and my message to anyone considering coaching is to identify your issues, think about why you haven’t dealt with them and if you think you could do with some help, seriously consider coaching. It is not a quick, magic fix so be prepared to work through it using tried and tested measures.

Ravi Kesari, Wren Accountancy - 2016

Jas and Angela at Reach continue to help me turn my dreams into plans, and then prioritise and act on those plans.

Richard Craddock - SkillBase First Aid - 2016

I have worked with Jas and Angela for several years. Clients have welcomed the opportunity to be coached so that they can take their businesses forward and free up time. I have sorted out legal and HR issues to enable them to do that. It’s a relationship that really works and everyone benefits.

Stella Yeomans, Employment & Commercial Solicitor - 2016

As a business we had always been open to listening and learning from the input of others. Often, however, we found that what was provided was a lot of text book theory with very little real life application to our own business. Over time we had become somewhat wary of the benefits that we would gain from ‘experts’. We were then introduced to Jas.

Personality and common values are hugely important in any relationship, particularly when you’re trusting this person with your business. We found that Jas understood our values and had similar views on many matters. We soon came to trust and value the time with Jas as he took us through a learning journey.

Our business had been going well, then in 2008, when recession hit we felt the full force and much of what we had built started to be shaken. Jas took us back to basics. The Cycle of Business Success process divides the business into levels, each crucial to the next step. So the first step of Mastery, was about getting control again, establishing the facts about our business and the processes we used. The next step Growth, was about looking at who we were as a business compared to the competition. What made us unique, why do our clients buy from us. What could we offer as our USP (Unique Selling Point)? Once this level was considered, it was about leveraging this information and position to allow us to maximise our opportunities time after time.

Along with the Cycle of Business stages was another process that looks at the Sales process. How many leads do we create, what is our conversion rate, how many transactions do we process, what is our average sale, and what is our profit margin. Examining these elements enabled us to see where could increase our profit most efficiently.

When we started working with Jas, we were struggling as a business. In the years that followed, we’ve doubled our turnover, gone from making a loss to making a six figure profit regularly. We have a team who now have robust processes and who take responsibility and ownership of their roles.

We still have problems, but working with Jas has enabled us to set some simple benchmarks in place which we can go back to time and again. When we keep these in focus the business grows.

Our only regret, is that we didn’t find Jas earlier in our careers.

Nigel Birch & Andrea Priestley – Birch Print - 2015

I discovered REACH Business Coaching from a different angle having been asked to speak at their REACH Planning Day. Jas generously asked me attend for the whole day and see what I thought. I was instantly inspired by more than sixty people in the room with a brilliant can do attitude who all wanted to grow and help others grow their businesses. I realised my business was missing a huge opportunity in my planning and my development and immediately signed up to attend every quarter. My business potential has grown exponentially in this last year and a vital part of that is my improved focus and accountability that comes from being part of the Reach family. Jas and Angela, thank you.

Julian Hall, Calm People - 2015

If you are a business owner, you owe it to yourself, your customers & staff to have a brilliant business coach supporting you & holding you accountable. Jas & Angela are an incredible asset to any business, I can't recommend them highly enough. The Reach community they have nurtured offers an added bonus of encouragement, knowledge & support. Thanks for helping me turn my business around... It's been life changing.

Katy Henry - The Bridgecentre for Natural Health - 2015

It was good to speak to you. I am indeed in a much better place now. The road is still rocky but you have given me some good walking boots for the future.

In the short time we have been working together you have really made a huge positive impact on my life.

I had a very negative mindset when we first met and you have helped me to change for the better. There is no going back for me now. You have been like a Business Coach and cognitive behavioural therapist rolled into one. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support.

Bryony Bone-Cutts - Workwise Healthcare - 2015

Before I met Jas from REACH Business Coaching my business was working but I wasn’t in control of it. We had 5 people in the business, I worked far too many hours and turnover was fairly static.

I had lost my confidence in myself and this was affecting the business. Jas helped me believe in myself again and get clearer on what I needed to do. I promoted a member of the team to manager so they could deal with the working in the business issues and I could focus on working on the business.

My business is in a totally different place now. Turnover has doubled, we now have a team of 11 people and still recruiting! We are just about to open our 2nd shop and despite all this I’ve managed to reduce the hours that I work so I only do 4 days a week. I’ve also been able to take time off for holidays and the business has continued to run (and grow) without me there!

Thank you to Jas, you gave me the confidence again to push myself and the business and the results speak for themselves!

Claire Cockeram, Uniformality - 2015

The REACH Planning Days are truly invigorating. I always come away more relaxed, confident and enthusiastic about the three months ahead. Jas has a great group of like-minded clients who, whilst from very different businesses to ours, all face similar challenges and the Planning Days provide a great forum for the sharing of ideas and creative problem solving.

Tracey Sanderson, Sensory Dimensions - 2015


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