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Vision, Mission, Values

At REACH we believe that your Vision, Mission and Values should be present in everything you do as business.

Our Vision

To give every UK business owner a business to be proud of and a life worth living.

Our Mission

Here at REACH Business Coaching our vision is to “give every business owner a business to be proud of and a life worth living”. To achieve this, we will ensure that every person we Coach will get the very best knowledge they need to move their business forwards. This can be either be in the form of books, audio books, e-books, DVDs, CDs, as well as encouraging everyone to be responsible for their learnings by attending workshops and Seminars when relevant. We will also encourage people to actively participate with other members of the REACH Business Coaching Community to ensure a healthy level of peer to peer learnings.

The Coaching will either be 1-2-1, online or group based. We will demand that all clients attend our 90 day planning sessions to ensure continued growth.

We also believe that whilst it’s important to DO the right things, it’s also just as important to BE the person you need to be. That’s why we will challenge people on their mindset to ensure that there aren’t any anchors that may be slowing us down.

Our Values

Abundance – we believe in abundance over scarcity. There is more than enough for everyone.

Balance – in line with our vision (giving every UK business owner a business to be proud of and a life worth living), it’s important to us that the business gives us life not take it away

Compassion – our personal relationships with our clients mean a lot to us. In life, things happen that can affect business. We feel that we support our clients through good times and the “not so good” times

Dependability – we’re here for you, always

Enthusiasm – sometimes, you need to get a “spark” or “lift”, especially when you don’t have it at work. Clients always feel energised after a session with us.

Excellence – we believe that if you do something, do it to the best of your capability

Fun – people work better when they are having fun and enjoying themselves!

Gratitude – it’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, it’s gratitude that brings us happiness

Health – the absolute critical component. Without health, we have nothing

Honesty – we will always say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, to who it needs to be said to

Humility – if we make a mistake, we will be the first to say so. We also don’t profess to know everything, no one does!

Integrity – we will do what we said we would do, when we said we would do it

Professionalism – we pride ourselves on this at all times even when we are not in the presence of clients

Respect – we expect the same respect that we give


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