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We can see you have some questions about what a Business Coach does?

Who is REACH Business Coaching?

Formed in 2015, REACH Business Coaching has its origins much further back in time. After spending 7 years as successful Franchisees with ActionCOACH Business Coaching, we decided to form our own brand which presents itself today as REACH Business Coaching.

Our vision is “to give every UK business owner a business to be proud of and a life worth living” and this vision drives us every day to help as many business owners as we can.

What is Business Coaching?

Running a business requires you to wear many hats. More often than not, we can forget to wear the hat that is about growing and developing the business. Here at REACH, we focus on ensuring that the business owners are focussed on working on the right things at the right times. Through education, we empower people so that they can do what they need to do to move forwards. After the knowledge is given, then the job of the Coach is to ensure that the business owner is held accountable for doing what they said they would.

Why do I need a Coach?

When we are in the “thick” of it in our businesses, we can’t see the “wood for the trees”. This happens to all of us. What we need is someone who is totally detached from the business to give us an outsiders perspective. Someone who will say it as it is and not just tell us what we want to hear.

If you want to achieve your FULL potential, then you need someone who is going to push you and make you do the things that you don’t like doing. It’s what every sports person knows, and it’s something that every business owner is slowly understanding too.

How does it work?

We start with an Alignment Session where we really dig deep to understand what YOU want. In business, many people forget exactly what it is they wanted when they first started out. In this session we will go back to the start to understand your hopes and aspirations and turn these into meaningful goals and a realistic plan. Many people refer to this session as where the “fog” begins to lift.

Once we know where we are going, we can get started. For the 1-2-1 clients, we meet regularly at our offices to track progress and to see what needs to be done. Everything is then broken down into “bite sized” pieces for you to go away and work on, which you will report back on at the next session and so on.

All of our clients attend a REACH Planning Day every 90 days. At this inspiring day, they get out of the business for an entire day and, in an environment that is conducive to planning, plot the strategies they need to implement over the next quarter. We then use this 90 day plan in each of our Coaching sessions to make sure that everything that we are working on is aligned to your overall objectives.

The Coaching normally includes the business owner(s) and sometimes their teams too. 

What do you know about my industry?

As I have been Coaching for over 8 years, being involved with over 2,000 businesses, it’s likely that I will have worked with someone else in your industry. If I haven’t, then that’s even better as I won’t be blinded by the “we’ve always done it this way” culture.

How long will the Coaching last?

No one business is the same in this regard. What I do know is that I believe that if you are serious about being in business, you need a Coach for life. Most of my clients stay with me for between 3-5 years. Everyone has different speeds of progress and it really does depend on how hard you work on the things we do together.

Please note that you don’t sign any contract with me. There are no minimum terms, get out clauses etc. We work together on an understanding that our relationship is an adult to adult one based on mutual respect and trust.

Where will I find the time for this?

This is something that everyone says. The first area that we look at in the Coaching sessions is your time management. Just by focussing on this, you will be amazed at how much time you are wasting. By addressing this at the start, we will find the time for you to work ON your business. Ultimately, we need to find 2-3 hours per week for you to work ON the business. This alone will start to help you gain control of the business and start growing it in a controlled manner.

How much will this cost me?

Firstly, I don’t want you to look on this as a cost. As an entrepreneur, you must look on this as an investment. The investment levels will depend on which programme we agree to. The Coaching isn’t a “one size fits all” and that is why we need to discuss this first to understand if we can add value working together and if so, which programme will be the best fit.

What guarantees are there?

To put it bluntly, none. It all depends on you and how much work you do. However, everything I do is bound by my solid gold guarantees. Regardless of which programme we work on, if you do what you said you were going to do, when you were going to do it, you will get a return on investment guaranteed. If not, then I will refund you the difference. Yes, I am guaranteeing your investment. I’m totally confident in what I do, the rest is up to you....

How do we get started?

The hardest step is the first one. If you want to regain control of your business and your life, then please take ownership and contact us. We will guide you through the first steps to us meeting. Our promise is that we won’t try and sell you anything as it has to be your decision.

If you want more information, then please see the Videos section. If you would like to see Jas in action, then please see the Events section.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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